Buckwheat, the Grain that Isn’t

Buckwheat looks like a grain, acts like a grain and tastes like a grain, but it’s really a fruit seed.  It is a member of the rhubarb and sorrel families of greens and is a highly nutritious and gluten free.


It is rich in B Vitamins and bioflavinoids, making it a desirable addition to your diet.  Cooking with buckwheat is a bit different than using wheat flour.  One of the best ways to start is with a prepackaged mix like our Buckwheat Pancake and Waffle Mix. {note:  the mix contains equal portions of buckwheat and wheat flour and is not gluten-free}

Using organic buckwheat flour in your favorite bread, muffin, shortbread and baking recipes is a great substitute for wheat products.

Here are links to some great recipes:

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