Organic Blue Corn Masa Flour

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Organic Blue Corn Masa Flour

Blue Corn Masa Flour has a sweet, intense flavor and a hearty, fine texture. Blue Corn Masa Flour is made from ground Whole Blue Corn. Blue Corn (also called Hopi Corn) is still cultivated by Native Americans of the southwest. For them, Blue Corn has significant spiritual importance. It represents the Eastern rising sun, the beginning of life, wisdom and understanding. Taos Pueblo elders use Blue Corn in the naming ceremonies of infants. Ground Posole is used for many products such as Cornmeal, Corn Starch, Masa Harina and Corn Flour. Cornmeal is dried corn kernels that have been ground into a fine, medium or course texture. Cornmeal commonly comes in the yellow or white form. The specialty Cornmeal comes typically in a blue or red form. Cornmeal is used primarily to make corn chips, corn bread, tortillas and porridge.

Suggested Use:
Use it as an ingredient in corn bread, tortillas and porridge. It works also blended with other cornmeals or flours for baking. Blue corn contains twenty percent more protein than white or yellow corn.

Organic Blue Corn Masa Flour

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