White Corn Posole

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White Corn Posole

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White Corn Posole has an off white color and when cooked a soft, firm texture. This corn is 1 cm in width and length. Corn was introduced to Europeans by Christopher Columbus on his return from the New World. It was originally known as Maize. This multi colored Corn, was mainly used as decoration, but is now gaining popularity as a useful grain for cooking. Corn comes in various colors blue, red, purple and a giant white kernel. Corn add eye appeal and a unique corn flavor to stews, soups and casseroles. Ground corn is used for many products such as Corn Meal, Corn Starch, Masa Harina and Corn Flour.

Suggested Use:
Posole conjures up images of thick Mexican stews, often flavored with port. It works well in tomato soups or tossed with rice spices. Posole can be baked, broiled and fried, or even mashed.


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