European Boletes Mushrooms

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European Boletes Mushrooms

Boletes (Boletus Luteus) are Mushrooms that have tubes, a spongy layer containing tiny pores instead of gills. This Mushroom is the king of the edible Mushrooms. This Mushroom typically grows in the summer or fall and are found growing under conifers and hardwoods in temperate climates. The Mushrooms are used fresh or dried for consistent availability. The French name for a Bolete is Cepe. In Britain this Mushroom is known as the Penny Bun. The European Boletes are sliced then dried for use. These Boletes are dark brown in color and range from 1 to 2 inches in length by 2/8 to 1/4 inch wide. The Boletes have a rich, deep, earthy flavor which is famous throughout the world in numerous cuisines.

Suggested Use:
Boletes are great in pasta sauces, soups and any recipe calling for Wild Mushrooms. Boletes are wonderful in wild rice pilaf or add them to your next stuffing or casserole dish.


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