Cloud Ear Mushrooms

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Cloud Ear Mushrooms

Cloud Ears (Auricularia Polytricha) are ruffle-edged, thin, Black Mushrooms. Cloud Ears are similar in appearance to Wood Ear except Wood Ear are black with a brownish - tan inner color, whereas Cloud Ear Mushrooms are black with a slightly lighter shade of black as their inner color. Cloud Ears have a more delicate, mild flavor and are much smaller in size than Wood Ear. Cloud Ear Mushrooms reconstitute to a puffy like, soft, firm, smooth texture and delicate flavor.

Suggested Use:
Cloud Ears have a firm, soft texture that makes them great in dishes where a textural contrast is desired. Cloud Ears are wonderful in stir fry or as an ingredient in stuffing. Like all mushrooms, Cloud Ears are delicious in soups and sauces.


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