First Quality Woodear Mushrooms

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First Quality Woodear Mushrooms

Wood Ear Mushrooms (Auricularia Polytricha) are cultivated all over the world but grown for the commercial dry market almost exclusively in China. This Mushroom has other names such as Tree Ear and Black Fungus. It is often confused with the Cloud Ear. Cloud Ears are similar in appearance to Wood Ear except Wood Ear area black with a brownish - tan inner color. ; Believed by many to be good for the heart. Wood Ear look like ears growing out of trees, hence the name. When reconstituted, the brownish tan inner color blends with the black exterior color to create a singled colored brownish black mushroom. The Wood Ear have a firm, thick skin with a slightly crunchy texture and earthy flavor. Shredded Wood Ear Mushrooms are thin, long slices of the whole Wood Ear Mushroom.

Suggested Use:
Wood Ear Mushroom's texture is crunchy and its flavor is mild. This Mushroom is very popular and served often in Oriental soups. Wood Ear are often called for in pork recipes, though they can be used with most meats.


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