Chantrelle Mushrooms

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Chantrelle Mushrooms

Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cibarius) are Funnel Shaped Mushrooms that are relatively uncommon. They bear a slight resemblance to Horn of Plenty, but are smaller, brownish-gray in color rather than black, and have a compressed stem. Very sought after for their tender texture and flavor, they are an uncultivated mushroom. They grow in clusters under broad-leaved trees and are difficult to find among the leaf litter. Chanterelles are found in coniferous and hardwood forests of Northern climates.

Suggested Use:
Chanterelles have a delicious flavor. They are great sautéed in butter with onions or shallots. This is a wonderful Mushroom for sauces. Chanterelles go well in cream sauces. The flavor of this Mushroom is so delightful that it is best cooked with light seasonings so that the Mushroom taste can be highlighted.


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